It’s Finally Here…… A Therapy Session That Leaves You Refreshed, Detoxed and Feeling Energized.


Fountain of Youth IV
This is an ideal therapy to help your skin glow. Brighten your skin and help reduce your pore size with this complex of vitamins needed to nourish the skin to its basic cell structure. Its anti-aging properties come from a special vitamin called glutathione – strong antioxidant and detoxifying agent reducing melanin index. This IV therapy takes 45 – minutes containing 14 powerful ingredients to help you look younger and radiant.

Immune Support – “The Supporter”
This IV therapy is Ideal for cold and flu season, frequent travelers, chronic stress and chronic fatigue. This is a combination of Zinc, Engystol – antiviral boost and B complex vitamins will get you not only through the day but help you to own the day. It contains 10 powerful ingredients; IV treatment lasts 30-minutes.

“Pure Energy “
This therapy session is Ideal for energy increase, weight loss and improvement of performance. It contains 12 – powerful ingredients such as B- Complex, Taurine, and Carnitine that are responsible for fueling and replenishing your stamina.
It takes 45- minutes to infuse and then off to hit the gym!

Basic Multivitamin – “The Hangover”
This therapy session is ideal for all of you Rock Stars. Get a speedy recovery with these combinations of vitamin C, B-complex vitamins, and minerals that will rehydrate and recover. It takes 30-minutes to “bounce back” and be yourself again!

This Therapy Session Starts Sunday 7/17/2016
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Posted on: July 12, 2016 by Katarzyna Tesmer