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At Visage Laser & Skin Care Center, we believe that you should look as good as you feel. For too many people, fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin make it impossible to feel happy when they look in the mirror. If you do not like how you have aged or are tired of looking older than you feel, there is hope. FractoraTM by Inmode makes it possible for us to restore the appearance of your skin by tightening, smoothing it, and improving the overall texture of it, without the need for surgery.

FractoraTM by Inmode Can Restore Your Youthful Appearance in Anaheim

Are you looking to rejuvenate your skin and improve your appearance to even restore your skin to what you saw when you looked in the mirror 20 years ago? If so, you should consider a non-invasive skin rejuvenation treatment from our 92807 clinic. FractoraTM by Inmode makes it possible for you to renew and restore your skin without the need to undergo invasive surgery. All you need to do is schedule an appointment so that you can receive this remarkable treatment and begin seeing dramatic results.

Visage Laser & Skin Care Center Uses Targeted Technology for Improved Results

This technology behind FractoraTM by Inmode works by using targeted bipolar energy. The energy, instead of targeting just one layer of your skin, can target multiple depths at the same time. This technology works by using fractional energy that is customized for your skin and what we’re trying to achieve.

FractoraTM by Inmode Can Target Multiple Depths of Skin in One Treatment Session

With the ability to provide a full-scale treatment that can target various layers of your skin, you will be able to experience improvements to the tightness of your skin and the surface texture at the same time. This means that we can address surface wrinkles, sagging skin, inconsistency in skin texture, and more. In the past, these results were only possible through invasive surgery. Since this solution can place bipolar energy deep into the skin cells, the results can mirror what was once only possible with surgical means. With the ability to then target the surface of the skin, it also means that you can experience dramatic and comprehensive results from one procedure, rather than needing to schedule surgery and also address the surface texture of the skin with the facials, etc.

FractoraTM by Inmode Provides Patients with an Alternative to a Face and Neck Lift

This technology can treat both your skin and your neck. This makes it an excellent solution for those who were considering getting a face or neck lift in the 92807 area but are preferring a non-invasive way of doing so. In fact, many patients who are on the borderline where facial skin is beginning to sag, but it’s not yet time for surgery, will find that this provides an immediate way to tighten and improve the appearance of skin and surgery may never be necessary.

Key Benefits of FractoraTM by Inmode

  • No prolonged redness so that you don’t feel as though you need to hide at home after your procedure.

  • No downtime so that you can get back to work or meet up with your friends.

  • No concerns over pigmentation so that darker skin can be easily treated.

FractoraTM by Inmode is Better for Ethnic Skin

This technology is safe for darker skin so your ethnicity is not a factor. With the risk of post inflammatory hyperpigmentation being nearly eliminated, you can confidently improve the appearance and texture of your skin. Traditional laser therapy creates a risk of pigmentation issue or even blotchy looking skin after the fact, making FractoraTM a far better solution.

FractoraTM by Inmode is Better Than Leading Fractional CO2 Lasers in Anaheim, CA

This technology causes less downtime than what is associated with most fractional CO2 lasers but with multiple settings, the results are similar. As a patient, you benefit from the ability to look amazing without your skin becoming irritated in the process

Simultaneously, the ability to target different depths of the skin and therefore to transform several areas of the skin at the same time is unique to the Inmode technology. This is because different tips can be used in order to achieve moderate low to high density. This makes it possible to place energy deep within the dermis to depths of over three millimeters.

Frequently Asked Questions About FractoraTM by Inmode
Can FractoraTM by Inmode tighten my sagging neck skin?

Yes, it works incredibly well on the neck and with stunning results. In fact, many older Anaheim patients have come in with significantly sagging skin that is a clear sign of aging. Even if your facial skin looks better, your neck can age you. Unfortunately, many solutions like creams do not really target the skin on the neck and if they do the results are negligible at best. Our technology allows us to tighten neck skin for a truly dramatic improvement.

Why should I try FractoraTM by Inmode instead of traditional laser therapy?

Laser therapy is incredibly effective but it does come with significant drawbacks. Namely, your skin is going to be red and irritated afterward and the recovery process will require you to make some temporary adjustments to your lifestyle. For example, you may need to take a couple of days off of work and you’ll want to stay out of the sun. The downtime is far less with FractoraTM by Inmode.

How long is the treatment time?

That depends on the area that we are treating but generally speaking, it takes anywhere from 45 minutes to two hours in our Anaheim, CA clinic.

Is FractoraTM by Inmode a surgical procedure?

No. This is not a surgical procedure. In fact, no incisions into your skill will be needed at all which means that no anesthesia will be necessary and you will not have a recovery downtime like you would with traditional surgery. Additionally, the risks associated with surgery like suffering from an infection, are eliminated.

Can people with darker skin use FractoraTM by Inmode?

Yes, this is one of the few cosmetic solutions that people with darker skin can use because there is not a risk of having pigmentation problems during or after the treatment.

Schedule Your Appointment for FractoraTM by Inmode in Anaheim, CA

Your skin should look as beautiful as you feel. Regardless of how old your birthday says you are, or the condition of your skin today, we can help to bring out your inner beauty by restoring your skin to a tight and smooth appearance. Schedule your appointment with Visage Laser & Skin Care Center today.


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