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At Visage Laser and Skin Care Center, we provide laser hair removal for both men and women. In our Anaheim clinic, we understand how unwanted hair can interfere with the goals that you have for your appearance and be a general nuisance.  Many men, for example, have too much hair on their back and chest, spending hours having it waxed or shaving it daily.  Our laser hair removal services can help you to get rid of this unwanted hair once and for all.  Simultaneously, women that have unwanted facial hair or are simply tired of shaving every day have a way out – laser hair removal.  Regardless of what your motivation is, we can help in our clinic.

Where can I find laser hair removal and Botox® treatment near me?

In our Anaheim clinic, we can perform these procedures separately or as part of a holistic treatment plan.  To schedule an appointment with our 92807 wellness center, contact us today.

The Process in Anaheim

Laser Hair Removal can destroy hair follicles quickly and efficiently, with minimal discomfort. The treatment works by utilizing highly concentrated energy, or light, to target and destroy the unwanted hair follicles.

When you come in, we will look at the areas that you want to have treated and create a game plan that includes addressing your priorities first.  It is important to note that people typically need multiple treatments in order to remove the hair for good.  Most clients report the sensation of the laser as that of a light rubber band snap, however, you may ask for a topical anesthetic cream to be applied to the targeted area before beginning treatment. Depending on treated area, you may require more than one session in order to target the hair follicles at each life cycle and achieve optimum results.  This can be especially true for areas where your hair is particularly coarse.  It could, as an example, take three visits to remove unwanted coarse chest hair but only one to permanently remove the hair on your head.  The irony is not lost on us, and we can give you an idea of what to expect when you visit our office.Many of our Anaheim patients combine laser hair removal with other procedures like laser wrinkle removal, facial tightening treatments, acne scars treatment, or a sun damage treatment.  This is especially true in women who tend to develop more facial hair due to hormonal changes and age while simultaneously struggling with scarring, wrinkles, and sun spots.  By creating a comprehensive treatment plan, we can address all of the things that you don’t like about your skin and facial appearance then systematically correct them.  Removing unwanted facial hair is a natural part of that since, for women, a mustache is never an attractive feature.  While men also use our laser hair removal services, it is typically done on other areas of the body. Learn more about pricing.

Many men, however, will still use our laser skin treatments. Man or woman, we are happy to create an in-depth treatment plan to address all of your concerns by removing unwanted hair while also performing a laser treatment for the face, acne laser treatment, or skin laser rejuvenation.  In this way, we help both men and women to look and feel their best.  After all, once the unwanted hair has been removed, the skin underneath will be on prominent display, making it important to use anti-aging skin care or find the best skin tightening treatment for your face and body.

Who should receive Laser Hair Treatment?

If you have been considering laser hair removal but are still unsure, these quick questions may help you decided

  • Are you tired of spending time plucking or shaving unwanted hair?

  • Are you frustrated with the pain and accumulated cost of waxing, shaving or plucking?

  • Would you like to receive silky, smooth skin without worrying about stubbles, nicks or irritation?

  • Are you embarrassed or frustrated by unwanted body or facial hair?

  • Do you have a low tolerance for pain and wish for a hair removal method that is comfortable and delivers long-lasting results?

Which areas can Laser Hair Removal treat?

Almost any area of the body which produces unwanted hair can safely receive treatment. The most common areas to treat include the face, chest, legs and bikini. 

Learn more about our other services such as acne scar treatment.


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