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Benefits of Getting Laser Hair Removal

There are so many ways to remove and reduce unwanted hair growth. People can wax, tweeze, thread or use lasers. It seems that every couple of years there are new concoctions or elaborate ways to remove unwanted hair however laser hair removal still remains the most effective way to reduce the growth of unwanted hair.

Laser hair removal can be done on so many different areas:

• Laser Hair removal on the Face

• Laser Hair removal on the Neck

• Laser Hair removal on the Shoulders

• Laser Hair removal on the Back

• Laser Hair removal on the Pubic Area

• Laser Hair removal on the Arms

• Laser Hair removal on the Legs

• Laser Hair removal on the Underarms

• Laser Hair Removal on the Feet

The benefit of getting laser hair removal is that it greatly reduces the size of the unwanted hair. It actually gets thinner over time and makes it easier to remove.

At Visage Laser and Skin Care we are able to work on removing unwanted hair pretty much anywhere on the body. The size of the hair shaft will be greatly reduced depending on the amount of sessions needed.

Laser hair removal for men will usually amount to 3-6 sessions based on how much they want the hair reduced. Most men want the appearance of less hair just for an overall better look that is maintainable. They just want a little “manscaping”. However, women on the other hand will most likely take more than 6 treatments as they want the hair completely removed and no longer visible to the naked eye. It really depends on each client and how much hair they want removed or reduced.

Laser hair removal tends to be painless but most individuals feel a little heat. It always depends on the pain tolerance of an individual but the overall experience for most people when it comes to laser hair removal is satisfaction when they see the hair start to reduce and disappear.

Visage has been in business for over 15 plus years and they have been awarded over 2,600 5 star reviews which doesn’t even compare to other medical spas in Orange County. Visit Award Winning Visage Medical Spa for your greatest results.

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