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Benefits of Ultherapy vs Traditional Lasers vs Cosmetic Surgery

Ultherapy isn’t a laser rather it’s ultra sound technology. The technology has been there for ages but it’s application with this technology is very different. Traditional lasers work on the outer part of the skin while ultrasound treatment as Ultherapy can go below the layers of the skin which in turns gives us greater results than traditional lasers. Lasers work from the outside and work it's way into the skin. Ultherapy works in reverse and works from the inside out. Ultherapy brings a type of non-invasive technology by getting some real thermal results inside the skin.

Cosmetic surgery is costly and many people want to stay away from going under the knife if possible. Ultherapy gets deeps into the layer’s skin almost as if the Ultherapy treatment were a cosmetic facelift surgeon. That makes this technology at a non-invasive level comparable to a facelift. Ultherapy helps clients who aren’t ready for cosmetic surgery.

Ultherapy really gets to the core of your skin and gives us the ability to get results by creating more collagen in your skin at your skin’s pace. This really makes it exciting for patients when they see results without going under the knife.

Ultherapy is FDA approved and can be used on the face, neck, and brow. The results are better and tighter skin with much more collagen production. Giving the appearance of a youthful glow.

The real results don’t happen overnight with Ultherapy. The results with Ultherapy usually come in 3-6 months later where the appearance of the face has changed giving it a more youthful and tighter face. Results vary however many people have seen dramatic results with Ultherapy.

Treatments usually lasts a few hours depending on the pain threshold of an individual. Redness does occur for a few hours and some swelling may occur but most people go to back to work on the very same day or the following day. The treatment causus some mild issues but nothing to worry about.

The amount of treatments are really on a case by case basis but usually one treatment is effective in getting results but it really depends on the skin laxity of each individual.

Ultherapy is effective in maintaining what you currently have. Some people as early as 30 come in to get this procedure done so they can maintain what they have. Ultherapy has done wonders for those at Visage Laser and Skin Care. Let Ultherapy do the same for you.


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