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How to Choose the Right Medical Spa!

1. Search for a medical spa that is related to the treatment you are seeking. There are many medical spas that either specialize in one treatment or they have an array of procedures to choose from. Do your research on their website to see if they have the ability to do your preferred treatment.

2. Check to see if the Medical Doctor has any expertise or credentials pertaining to your specified treatment.

3. Look at their reviews on the following websites.

4. Make an appointment for a consultation and be ready to ask questions. Don’t be embarrassed to ask any question that comes to mind.

Here are a few suggested questions:

• Is the Doctor or nurse certified to do the treatment you are seeking?

• What happens if the treatment you receive has an unwanted side effect?

• What are the possible side effects?

• How long has you clinic been doing these procedures?

• How many treatments have you done?

• Can I view actual before and after pictures of your clients?

• Does the Doctor have any awards?

• Does anyone affiliated with the practice have any medical sanctions filed against them?

• How long will my procedure take?

• Can you walk me step by step on what will happen with my procedure?

5. Check to see if the treatment you are seeking is within your price range.

Just because a facility is cheaper does not necessarily mean that you are getting the professionalism and expertise. Going to a more affordable medical spa may be beneficial in the short term but if complications do occur you may find yourself contacting a more experienced medical location to fix your botched procedure. Check if the location has any special offers.

6. Comfortable

It is important to feel comfortable with the individual and the staff that will be administering the procedure. If you feel that it isn’t the right match move on to the next location.

Take your time as you are searching for a long term relationship with a medical spa who understands your needs. If it takes you a few more consultations to compare, its ok. There definitely isn’t a rush.


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