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How to keep your skin clean?

1. Diet

Make sure that you have a healthy diet. This should consist of fruits, vegetables, and high fiber foods to ensure that your skin says healthy and vibrant. Keeping a well-balanced diet will allow your skin to breathe, glow, and keep vibrant. On the other hand, if you were to have a poor diet with poor quality food and choices your skin will definitely seem less vibrant.

• Phyto-nutrients

They are found in vegetables and fruits and can help reduce cell damage and fight cancer and is a natural anti-aging component.

2. Water

The body is composed of 60% water so it is imperative to keep hydrated. Drinking water on a regular basis will help flush out impurities in the body. Your face will also “thank you” as it will keep your face hydrated rather than dull.

Drinking water will result in:

• Fewer wrinkles

• Improved complexion

• Anti-aging

• Reduce pore size

• Increased skin elasticity

• Reduce itchy skin

3. Moisturize

Moisturizing is a key to making sure that your skin isn’t too oily or too dehydrated. There are many environmental factors outside whether it is hot or cold weather. Both extremes can remove the moisture from your skin. Not being able to moisturize can result in developing more wrinkles, aggravate acne, and make skin itchy. A moisturize should be used after a face wash, toner, and serum.

Moisturizing benefits:

• Prevents dryness

• Anti-aging

• Locks in hydration

• Allows for better makeup coverage

4. Face Washing

Washing your face in the morning and the evening before bed will keep your skin healthy and clean make sure that you're using a high quality face wash. A good face wash be lathered properly and should last between 30 to 60 seconds and rinsed with cold water. Make sure to use a clean towel as bacteria can live in old towels causing you to transfer bacteria from your towel back onto your face.

Things to avoid when washing your face:

• Bar soap

• Body soap

• Foaming soap

Options to consider:

• Mild face wash

• Facial cloth

• Cold Water

5. Washing linens

Make sure that all of your sheets especially your pillow sheets are washed on a regular basis. We all go out and we soak in bacteria from so many different places and sometime we don't wash our hair each day. Not washing your pillow sheets can cause acne and harmful bacteria to get on your skin. Try to wash your sheets as often as you can to keep your face clean.

6. Face touching

Make it a habit not to touch your face as you work throughout the day as all of us tend to touch door handles, light switches and our phones which are pack full of bacteria.

6. Makeup Cleanser

Wash your makeup brushes on a regular basis. Makeup brushes notoriously hold a large amount of bacteria that can cause inflammation, acne, and dry skin.

7. Sunblock

The sun's rays' are powerful enough to damage your overall skin health. Maintaining it with a high SPF sunblock will help reduce fine lines and wrinkles overtime.

These simple steps can make a difference in keeping your skin happy and healthy.

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