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Pico Genesis: The King of All Laser Treatments

Pico Genesis creates brighter and healthier looking skin with minimal downtime. Many people don’t want the downtime of 3-5 days. Most people expect and want quick results without any hassles. That’s where Pico Genesis comes to play and it’s great for all skin types. The Pico Genesis laser is an industry standard that surpasses most traditional lasers.

Benefits may include:

• Healthy skin without any adverse effects

• Minimal downtime with quick results

• Can be used on the face and body

• Skin tightening

• Reduce oversized pores

• Stimulate Collagen

This effective skin resurfacing treatment can be beneficial for all skin types. It can be used for the following skin issues:

•Sun/Age Spots

• Pigmentation

• Aging

Most Pico Genesis treatments are about 20 mins long which means shorter recovery time. This fascinating laser does not use heat compared to other laser that burn. This makes it effective and less evasive than other treatments.

Some lasers can cause major side effects such as:

• Redness/Irritation

• Skin Crusting

• Change in skin color

However, Pico Genesis does surpass all the major side effects of most traditional lasers. That is why it is an effective treatment for all skin types.

Pico Genesis identifies the dark spots and shatters the pigmentation. Within a week or two the dark spots slough off the skin revealing healthier looking and even skin tone within a month. This extraordinary treatment stimulates the skin than traditional lasers.

Pico Genesis can be done during any season on any skin type. This is revolutionary as other lasers are critical of sunlight and are usually advised to be treated during the winter or fall. To find a provider of this revolutionary technology visit

As with all skincare treatments it is always advisable to follow up with a sunblock to further protect your skin and maintain the benefits of any procedure.


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