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PRP Facials made for Vampires?

PRP stands for plasma rich platelets which takes your own blood combined with some other skin rejuvenation techniques in order to get back a more youthful glow. PRP treatments help tighten, smooth, and even out general skin tone. PRP can also be used on other parts of the body to help with injury and even hair growth.

It all starts with a basic blood draw. When it comes to a great blood draw being hydrated helps in exposing the veins in your arms so the nurse or doctor doesn’t have a difficult time. A small amount of blood gets drawn from an individual. Once that is finished, the blood is then spun in a centrifuge to form the PRP. This spinning of the blood takes anywhere from 30mins-1 hour to formulate. The amount of PRP formulated from each individual will vary.

The face gets thoroughly prepped with a light facial or microdermabrasion to remove any dead skin. A warm towel or steam may be used in order to help open congested pores. Once the skin is fully cleansed a numbing cream will be applied for the area that will be treated.

Most facilities like Visage Laser and Skin Care will take a before picture to really get a better understanding of your results and the value these type of treatments can really do.

Once the PRP has been fully spun most people will likely see a yellowish gold vial which is the PRP. The doctor or skin care expert will draw the PRP into needles prepping them for injection into the face. 10-12 syringes full of PRP is most common when drawn. Results for most patients can last from 9 months -2 years depending on the general maintenance of an individual. PRP is a very cost effective way to treat the skin and reveal younger looking skin, better tone, help reduce fine lines, and help build collagen.

• PRP is a benefit as it’s using your own natural production of plasma than any outside chemicals.

• PRP is a simple procedure that has very minimal downtime.

• PRP help increase collagen stimulus

• PRP results can last up to two years

People who are concerned with their skin should look into PRP for a cost effective facial that reaps great benefits.


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