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Tattoo Removal Secrets

Tattoos are made up of metals and foreign elements. Our body is continuously fighting and fending off foreign elements to keep us happy and healthy. However with tattoos we are actually injecting foreign elements and chemicals in our body that may contain lead depending on the color and where you get the tattoo ink. Our body will fend off these foreign bodies and over time the body will push out these elements out of the body and that is why tattoos fade over time.

Laser tattoo removal basically aims towards the ink and breaks apart the ink in the skin making them fade over time with multiple treatments. Once the ink gets broken down that gives your body an opportunity to release these chemicals so they fade. Tattoo removal with lasers expedite the process of breaking down the ink that your body does naturally.

Laser removal technology has advanced over the years and has completely changed the way the ink is broken down in the skin. The early technology of laser tattoo removal would literally break the ink in the skin in chunks of ink so the skin can release it. Now, the technology of laser tattoo removal has broken down the ink into tiny particles so the body can excrete the ink at a much more rapid pace.

Here is an example of old school laser tattoo removal vs the new technology of today. Think about a 1 liter soda bottle container that has marbles in it and flipping it upside down with the marbles fighting to get out of that narrow opening. The marbles have to fight in order for it to get out of the bottle. The marbles are ink particles in the old laser technology. The marbles take some time to get out and may even need some shaking in case the marbles do not come out completely. Now, let’s take the new laser technology. Rather than marbles we now have sand in the bottle trying to get out. It’s a much more smoother process. In this case the sand particles are now the ink particles that are in the new tattoo laser removal process. This gives the body a much better and effective method for the ink to come out of the body. Today’s tattoo laser removal technology is more advanced.

Visage Laser and Skin Care can remove the stubborn ink that other laser tattoo removal locations could not.


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