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What to Know Before Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is a fantastic way to reduce and minimize hair follicles but what should you do to prepare for the best results?

Make sure to stay away from the sun prior to your appointment. The best way to receive laser hair removal is without having sunburned skin. Lasers are a very powerful tool and having a sunburn can cause damage. Tanning beds and self tanners are also not advisable when receiving a laser hair removal procedure.

Shave the skin don’t wax. Shaving the skin leaves a hair follicle with some pigmentation which allows the laser to pick up the color and minimize the hair. If you were to wax the hair follicle before a treatment this will not allow the lasers to pick up the hair pigmentation.

Like any other procedure it’s always imperative that your hair laser removal specialist test out a patch of skin to ensure that the settings are set correctly. Everyone reacts differently to each cosmetic procedure and many people have different levels of pain thresholds. This will also effect the number of treatment one needs in order to minimize the hair follicles.

The first treatment does not equate to perfectly smooth skin. Most patients will need upwards of 5 sessions or more to get the real results necessary for that silky smooth skin.

Treatment sessions can take up to an hour long depending on the size and pain threshold of each area. Larger areas such as back or legs can take much longer. There is no such thing as a full body laser hair removal session due to the skin and safety of such a procedure. Lasers are still a powerful device that can cause major trauma if mishandled.

Like anything in life, consistency is key for the results you want. Making the time to setup the appointments and ensuring that the hair is properly prepped will get the right results.

All hair and skin types are made differently. Darker hair and darker skin can take more sessions due to the amount of pigmentation. This can be minimized with the right settings, right specialist, and proper preparation.

Laser hair removal is quite uncomfortable for those who have never had a cosmetic procedure done before. Think of a rubber band snapping at your skin.

Last but not least. Always protect your skin with sunscreen. Even if you aren’t planning on receiving a laser hair removal procedure it is important to keep your skin protected. This will help decrease your chances of skin cancer, dark uneven skin tone, and possible signs of premature ageing.


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