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Why I Need A Facial?

Why I need a facial ASAP?

There are many benefits associated with receiving a facial.

• It may reduce stress

Everyday millions of people get affected by stress. Laying down for an hour or two while someone gives you a light relaxing facial in a calm environment may reduce your nerves. Most spas medical or non-medical have relaxing acoustic background music. Either way getting a few minutes of “shut eye” will only benefit you in the long run.

• Keep your skin clean

Every day we are prone to the UV rays of the sun, harmful chemicals in the air, and dead skin cells that are left even after washing your face. Facials help alleviate the pores in your skin that are clogged and help give them a fresh new look. Think of it as a teeth cleaning for your face. Maintenance is key.

• Anti-Aging

We all age and due to the harmful effects of the environment we may age faster. Receiving a monthly facial will help decrease fine lines and wrinkles. As you reveal healthier looking skin, your skin will be able to receive nutrients from other facial products more efficiently.

• Circulation

A body massage helps circulate the blood necessary for better health. A facial will also help circulate the blood in your face. Better circulation equals healthier glowing skin. More blood flow increases the healing process of your skin.

• Acne Treatment

Sometimes skin gets clogged with bacteria, oil, and dead skin cells and that causes acne. Facials help alleviate acne prone skin and allows the skin to breathe. Depending on the type of facial your skin will “thank you”.

• Even Skin Tone

Facials help even out skin tone. Sun damage, scars, or certain products can cause uneven skin tone. Facials can help even out skin tone over time when maintained properly.

It is important to go to a licensed esthetician who truly understands skin. It may take some time to find that right person. Make sure you talk to your esthetician about any allergies and any products you are currently using. The more information you can share the better the results.

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